All About sEVEn: A Multi-media Exhibition by 49 Cape Women artists.

Cape Cod Museum of Art

March 1 to March 29

Curated by Shawn Dahlstrom. This exhibition showcases the work of 49 women from across Cape Cod, working in a variety of media:  painting, photography, printmaking, glass, fiber, mixed media, sculpture, encaustic, and conceptual.  The women range from 22-82 and include emerging artists as well as established artists. Seven groups of seven have spent a full year working on their selected themes on which they based their work.  The seven themes are:  Pleiades, Seven Deadly Sins, Intention, Elements, Seven Generations and Spectrum 7. Intention is based on “The Seven Faces of Intention,” as enumerated by the self-help author and motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer. One theme or intention is “Beauty.” For this, photographer Mary Doering created a mixed work centering on the image of a woman, her hands coming together in the respectful Namaste salutation used by Hindus and Buddhist.  Doering writes, “When we celebrate the joy, grace, and truth in every human being we will see only beauty.”

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