Cape Cod Museum of Fine Arts:  National Juried Exhibition

Freedom of Expression

March 10 to May 14

Edith Tonelli, director of Cape Cod Museum of Art:  At this complex time in our culture we are being encouraged to express our thoughts and feelings, even though, at the same time, we can face increasing attacks for expressing them. We reached out to artists to discover how this conflicting message is effecting their artistic expression. The artists’ expressions range from the deeply personal to the clearly political, and take diverse forms, from the use of traditional media to the use of new digital media and abstract concepts that speak to our times.

Artist Statement:   Artistic freedom is to love all the classical rules of art but have the confidence to break them.  Finding my way between control and surprise feels magical.  When I am loyal to open-ended experimentation, the work itself becomes a great adventure.  Free Play #3 is a Gel Transfer print on BFK Reeves paper. This image is a collage of my original calligraphic marks superimposed over photographs of concrete and edited in Photoshop.

Free Play

Photo Transfer onto Arches 88

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