Changing Tide

January 1 to January 31

Cape Museum of Art 

6 Hope Lane 

Dennis, MA 02638


Changing Tide: Juried Members Show

Changing Tide is as predictable as the swing of a pendulum. It can represent a cleansing exchange of life-giving seawater, or fuel a destructive surge onto land. The theme is a starting point that encompasses both representational and more conceptual artwork.

Juror Amanda Wastrom “…What a pleasure and privilege it was to jury this exhibition!  While there was plenty of breadth and variety, some themes definitely began to emerge. Many works had a sense of surrealism. Many artists chose to explore the natural world and how its cycle of change, death, and rebirth is a metaphor for the chaos and upheaval in our human world. There was a strong sense of place in many of these works. The ocean is a powerful almost spiritual force. It’s a place we go to for joy, solace, grief and cleansing, deep thinking, big decision making. 

"As a curator on Cape Cod, I have seen a lot of seascapes, harbor scenes, etc. So, I love it when I’m surprised--when the same material is presented in a new and exciting way. I picked works that evoked a strong emotional response from me--whether it was joy or even disgust. I was also looking for pieces that had some layer of conceptual meaning beyond straight documentation—that addressed that theme of change in some way."


Low Tide

Integrated media archival print

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