Cotuit Center for the Arts

Balancing Act

January 9 to February 14

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod Annual Juried Show

Artist Statement

Mandala:  The word mandala means circle and represents balance and wholeness.  Mandalas contain within their form the essence of the universe, seasons, and cycles of nature. When used as meditation device, Mandalas help balance the mind, body and spirit. Concentrating on the visually intricate design, your busy mind takes a break from its constant chatter.  When your thoughts wander you simply return your focus to the detail and beauty of the Mandala. I have created a photographic series of Mandalas using the elements of nature.  Working with these photographs roots me in the present moment.  Each image is meant to suggest that there is a center within each one of us to which everything is related.  When we balance our inner dynamic forces, we begin to behave in ways that honors our essential wholeness.

Mandala #2

Archival Pigment Print

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