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From sacred to mundane, a mask has always been more than a disguise.  Storyteller asks one question: If the human face is always communicating, what would happen if it were covered? A white generic mask is the unifying factor for this body of work. 

The moment a mask is placed on a person, transformation occurs. Freed from identities each wears in real life, individuals are given permission to play. Narratives spring to life by a tilt of the head or other subtle body movements. Characters and mini dramas spontaneously emerge.  I give few directions, allowing my participants to fully tell their version of events. 

Titles or verbal clues are purposely eliminated. Photographs are labeled Story followed by an identifying number.Like Zen koans, sources of mysterious contemplation, or Rorschach inkblots, I invite observers to imagine what each image intuitively evokes.  Reactions will be unique to every viewer. I have learned to trust this interactive process, allowing for the subject-photographer collaboration to expand my depth as an artist.

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